Monday, February 16, 2009

Letters To The President

I can't imagine being the president, and running an entire country. Seriously. I congratulate you George...and you too we celebrate your special days... You guys rocked... cause I would seriously guarantee epic fail as a President.

No lie. I would crack under the pressure. I can't imagine all the logistics and pressure that goes into running an entire country. Do you remember when that movie, The Princess Diaries came out? I do. And after I saw it I was like, man...if I ever found out I was the Princess of a country...I'd be like...PASS. Give it to someone who won't send the whole shebang to hades in a hand-basket!

I don't think it's any surprise that Presidents get the most flack. I mean, we all have our way of running things and we all have this inherent desire to control things. But here's the thing, we, as Americans get to choose and have our say every time we elect a new President. And let's get real, you can't please all of the people all of the time...but we can be kind to one another all the time. We can treat one another with respect all the time. It's just a choice we make. Are there days where I'm a less-than-model citizen? oh for sure! But I try to be better. And I am so proud to be an American. To have the ability to let my voice be heard, to have the freedom I have, and to be surrounded by other people who don't think like me, or believe what I believe- it makes me better, I think. :D I know this sounds like it should come on Election Day, but eh...I think so differently. Days like this make me think about how crazy it is to be such a prominent figure in our nation.

You know... I love being imperfect. And I really do appreciate everything (good and bad) that our presidents...past and present do in their role. It teaches us to grow, to change, to believe for better things, and to think differently. Because, being a leader, who has followed many leaders...I know there's a lot that goes into "calling the shots" and dealing with the outcomes...and it's so not easy.

So thanks George, John, Tommy, James, J.Mo, JQ, Andy, Marty, Will, The Original J.T., jamesK, Zach, Millard, Frankie, James B, Abe, Drew, Ulysses, Rutherford, James Abe, Chester (I'm sure your parents are sorry for giving you that name, btw), Grover, Benji, Willy, Teddy, Howie, Woodrow, Warren, Cal, Herbie, FDR, Harry, Dwight, Johnny Fitz, LB to the J, Dick, Gerry, Jimmy Carter, Ronald, G-dubs, Bill, Dubbya, and Barack!

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Nicole T said...

thank you so much for your comment on my blog =] your so sweet!

I loved the GW picture, and your wonderful nicknames ;]