Saturday, January 30, 2010

Colors Of The Wind

I recently started following a blog called Color Me Katie. It's a blog that Katie Sokoler maintains. She's a NY Photographer and, I think, one of the most fun and creative people on the planet. Her blog always inspires the creativity that runs amok in my own mind.

Katie recently blogged about a Chalk Walk she did, where she went out in front of her home and traced her footsteps in bright chalk colors. You can read HER post about it HERE.

I decided I would do the same, and add some color to my block as well. I live on a fairly busy main street in the Northgate neighborhood. A LOT of people are constantly walking up and down my street to get to the store, the mall, the ice cream shop, etc. The fact that it was just a wee bit rainy outside just made this art project even more fun! Here are some pictures from my Chalk Walk:

my weapons of choice :D

You know, just so I won't be held liable . . .

Step One

Soooo fun and soooo pretty!

I'm in love with the colorful contrast!

One foot in front of the other . . .

Almost to the end!

Looking back at where I've been

It was SO fun sitting by my window and watching all the people follow the footsteps and laugh and question why the footprints were there!

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