Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can't Believe It

Yesterday was my FIRST ever time to ride First Class in an airplane!
No. Joke.

It was pretty much amazing! So, for the trip home, my dad worked a deal for me to ride standby and on both my flight from Austin to Dallas & my flight from Dallas to Seattle, I got to ride First Class. It was crazay!

But don't you know that no day is complete without me doing something completely ridiculous?

It's true.

On my flight from Austin to Seattle, I woke up once because I felt movement. Apparently I fell asleep and was leaning my head on the strange guy next to me. I quickly (and groggily) apologized and leaned my head against the window, so that I wouldn't 'land' on my neighbor's shoulder again. ;)

Since I'd never flown standby, I went up to the counter each time (i had to wait through a series of 4 flights) and told the attendant that I was here for the standby list. I figured they prioritized you based on how quickly you 'checked in.' I was wrong. ha! Apparently, they have their own system. I got to the last one, and out of curiosity, I asked the attendant: "Do I need to check in for standby?" She said: "No. We put you on the list and then you just wait to hear if your name is called. You don't need to check in." Almost immediately, the scene from The Wedding Singer popped into my mind where Adam Sandler tells his ex-fiance:


It was quite humorous. :D

Then, on my flight from Dallas to Seattle, I got into my seat and after we stabilized after take-off, the flight attendant offered me some mixed nuts. First of all, you have NO idea how hard it was for me not to throw in a "that's what she said." So I quietly chuckled and said yes please. I was expecting a bag of peanuts. She brought me a warm dish of mixed nuts. So I picked one up, not knowing it was hot and dropped it on the lap of the guy sitting next to me. Embarrassing.

This guy sitting next to me just deserves like, a free ride on another flight where he doesn't have to sit next to anyone. Seriously. I was THAT girl.

I was really excited that the flight attendant kept refilling the snacks and the drinks—the only thing better than my standard in-flight Orange Juice with ice is FREE REFILLS of my standard in-flight Orange Juice with ice!!! :D But on about my 3rd refill, I started chewing the ice and there was this one chunk of 3 cubes melded together, so I decided to try to hold one of the cubes while I bit off one of the others . . . i think you know where this is going . . . I bit off the one and one of the others fell to the ground and the other shot off to the side and pelted the guy next to me on his arm. That ice cube then fell and worked its way to the fabric of his seat. I apologized frantically and he was just like, "It's okay." as he wiped his hands of the splashed orange juice tinged ice cube.

Then, when I decided that I didn't want to chance any more fiascoes, I told the attendant that I was done with the drinks . . . while I had my headphones on. So it was at a louder level.

I think it's safe to say that I'm the most bizarre First Class Passenger ever. But it was WAY fun and totally cool :D I still haven't decided whether or not I'd ever fly Standby again though. We'll see.

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