Friday, January 15, 2010

Strange World

I came across the CREEPIEST toy ever today. :(

Just for clarification purposes—I don't really like the toys where you squeeze them and they talk. It's just plain creepy. I have friends and family members who LOVE them, so I've seen and heard my fair share of them. Some of them are mildly bearable. Others are just plain annoying. But this morning as I was picking up cold medicine and throat drops from Bartells Drug Store (yes, I think I've got the beginnings of a cold . . . *sigh*) I came across this little guy in the Valentine's promotional aisle. It's a stuffed rat that talks, nay, shouts that it likes you. It's creepy. :(

Here's the vid to prove it:

For the record, if anyone (much less a guy I was dating) ever got that for me, I'd glare at them, walk away, leaving the rat to tumble from my hand to the ground. We'd also probably never speak again. It's just too creepy. :(

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