Monday, January 4, 2010

You Wait For Rain

This morning I walked out the door ready to face the elements. What I didn't know was that the elements would be a hard rain, as opposed to the normal weak rain we tend to get here. This wouldn't have been so bad, had I not misplaced my umbrella somewhere.

The good thing, is that I don't mind walking around in the rain. It's quite exhilarating actually. It brings this fresh perspective. It's like things around me are being cleaned by the rain, and every puddle is an opportunity for a splash fest. ;)

And what's more, is that while I was waiting for the bus this morning, Kyler England's YOU WAIT FOR RAIN came on my iPeezy. It's like my little Shuffle knew what I needed ;)

Here's the song for reference:

But it was really inspiring this morning when I heard it after I had just gotten done traipsing through the rain, with my shoes soaking wet. I thought to myself, I always want to chase the storms. (Insert cheeeeeeesiness here)

One of the funner things that happened when I was at home, was walking to the store with my dad. He kept INSISTING that we use the sidewalk, and I kept INSISTING that we walk through the dirt and grass. I don't know if there's a deep down psychological want/need to embody the wildness of Lizzy in Pride & Prejudice (cause that's all I imagine when I walk through dirt and grass and rain and mud) but I'd like to think there is a part of me that enjoys walking off the beaten path. I don't always like doing things the way everyone else does them. Sometimes I do. But more often, I don't. I like to use my imagination and be wild and crazy. I like to be different—not for the sake of damning the man—but just because I do. I have this urge in me to do random things . . . a lot. In fact, I recently saw this featured on another blog and I was like, "I WANT TO DO THAT!!!!"

And I'm confident I will! In the meantime, I'll continue to chase the storms :D

PS: If I catch my "death of cold" from being out in the rain today, I give you FULL permission to come back to this post (once I start complaining about having a cold) and commenting: I TOLD YOU SO.

PPS: If i should ACTUALLY catch my DEATH from said cold, I would like to be cremated and given to Guilermo Del Toro as a Christmas present. Also, I'd like for my iTunes collection to be commemorated in the Billboard Hall of Fame. Also, I'd like for everyone to leave me cupcakes, not flowers. ;)


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