Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice Cream

We had some housemate hangout time tonight and we went to Molly Moons Ice Cream and then to a Japanese restaurant in Wallingford. I had already eaten dinner earlier, and was still full, so I just got some edamame at the restaurant, and some amazing ice cream at Molly Moons. They had this amazing "Scout" Mint ice cream and it was delish!

So after eating my ice cream, the sugar buzz came and it showed up strong the rest of the night. We were driving around in Karli's car and she was bumpin' some rap music and we would be at stoplights, and me riding shotgun, would whip out my chopsticks (from the restaurant) and start bustin' some moves for all the passersby. It was awesome!! Then we went to the QFC grocery store and I was dancing in the aisles to the music playing in the store. Gina dared me to go up to one of the cashiers and dance in front of them randomly—so i DID! The people in front of me were laughing. I loved it! :D

2 things that prove it was an amazing night:

1. This status update from one of my housemates:


2. This video of our car dancing shenanigans:


elaine zuniga said...

I would like for that Amanda to come visit again. There are plenty of grocery stores for you to dance at here!

Miss you!

amo (amanda) said...

That can be arranged ;) I'll be back in April :D