Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Give Me Something

Have you ever seen those Russian Nesting Dolls? You know, the ones where they have like a doll inside a doll inside a doll and you open each package to get to the next?

Well today I got to experience my own little wonderful russian nesting doll . . . us postal service style.

Let me just say that I seriously bought my tickets for the Jack's Mannequin concert last November! That's 3 months ago! And for the past month, I've been checking the mail like a crazy lady . . . or a sick puppy dog—one of the two, maybe both. I seriously would come home, barely get into the house before I grabbed the mail key and raced back up the driveway to check it. Up until now, I've had to hang my head in disappointment and walk back in, ticketless. But today, that all changed!

I got my ticket to the show!!!

Now the funny part is the packaging in which the ticket came. I mean, I gotta hand it to the people at Ticketmaster, they really know how to protect your ticket. ;)

Here is the main package I got . . .

And then inside that . . .

And then inside that . . .

Hahahaha! Well, it's nice to know my little ticket traveled in style. ;)

I'm seriously SO excited! It really made my stressful day end with a giant smile across my face!

Just think, in 17 days, I get to experience this awesomeness!!

I CAN'T WAIT! whooo hooo!

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