Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She Paints Me Blue

LOOK! I 'Avatarized' myself!

This morning in Cafe Ladro, all the baristas were talking about Avatar. For the record, I haven't seen it. I've heard & read mixed reviews. I will probably see it this weekend, though, just to form my own opinion. But hearing them talk about it cracks me up!

Mainly, their conversation was based on how fake Sam Worthington's English accent was (since he's from Australia) and how Michelle Rodriguez should have had all her scenes cut. They then jumped on the subject of LOST and how bad she sucked in LOST. I believe the exact quote was:

What was her name on that show again?

For those who can't remember, it was Ana Lucia, and yeah she wasn't my fave either. But now that they said that about her character in Avatar, the combination of my dislike of her LOST character and their dislike of her Avatar character will most likely make it hard for me to like her scenes in the movie.

In other news, I came across this yesterday when I was reading reviews. :D

It's David Letterman's . . .

Top Ten Things Overheard In Line To See "Avatar"
10."What a coincidence! I couldn't find a woman to go with me either!"
9."If I wear my 3-D glasses over my 2-D glasses, can I see in 5-D?"
8."It's nice that they didn't overhype this thing"
7."Last time I saw blue creatures for three hours, I drank too much Nyquil"
6."It's set in the year 2154 when America finally passes a health care bill"
5."Which one is Chewbacca?"
4."Based on a true story, right?"
3."Hold on -- Tiger's texting me"
2."Chuck Schumer just called the ticket taker a b—"
1."$500 million for a movie -- recession's over!"

Go ahead, you can laugh. ;)

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