Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Better Days

Today was a fun day at work! Every Tuesday, our publications team (4 other people + me) meets to go over details, update everyone on what we're working on, make any necessary announcements, and share artwork that we've done recently. Well, we just got done with a crazy busy publications season producing 2 huge projects in a short amount of time, with another project still needing to be maintained. It was definitely a trying time for us, working together to make sure things got to press successfully.

Well today for our publications meeting, I decided we needed to take some time to relax and celebrate—so I threw us a small fun little party! We had so much fun just reflecting on things and enjoying each others' company. I really am blessed to get to work with the team I get to work with.

One funny thing I will point out, is that on the sign, you'll notice an asterisk and a little lined footnote at the bottom. This is a play on our publication style ;D We have a lot of people that we ship resources to in different countries, and sometimes our English colloquialisms don't translate well. To remedy that, we include footnotes at the bottom of the column that that particular word is in. The majority of the time, we use the phrase, "In this context, _____ means ______." So I figured I would add some fun flair and made a little footnote about our team. :D Also, the RIP stands for Rational Island Publishers, not Rest In Peace. I know, I know, it's a bit confusing. ;) It feels really good to have those big publications done, and it's also relieving knowing that we are back on our steady publications routine.

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