Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Different Side Of Me

They say you can tell a lot about a person based on their workspace. Since I feel that my home workspace is more "me" than my WORK workspace, which is basically just work publications and such, I figured I'd let you into my home workspace so you could tell a lot more about me. (Except I'm really just going to use it as a way to actually TELL you more about me) ;p

Here's my workspace:

(click the picture for a larger view)

Things to note:

1. My weapon of choice: A 15 inch aluminum MacBook Pro. It does all my dirty work for me. It keeps me organized, helps me design things, create videos, keep all my favorite songs in one safe place awaiting my mood's beck and call, cruise social networking sites, participate in iChat shenanigans with great friends, and email the parentals to let them know I'm still alive.

2. The Screenplay Workbook: A lifesaver to help me stay organized and focused :D Thank you paycheck and Barnes & Noble!

3. Hoops & YoYo Fun Notes book: This was given to me before I left Austin. It's full of love notes and funny musings from my friends that attended my going away party. I open it often and read it. It continuously brings a smile to my face. Here's a little fun snippet: Amiz! There's plenty of FRUIT!! HA HA!- J.Rob

4. A giant spindle of CDs: These contain a GIANT collection of my projects over the past 8 years. It's also got some mix CDs assorted in there that I've used on van rides back when I used to use a portable CD player to plug into the van speakers. On top of that spindle is a collection of other CDs and only mildly important papers that have been given to me.

5. Important papers all stacked up in one general vicinity: You know, things like electronics manuals. All held together by my nifty bookend . . . aka a CD case. You may also notice the hair clips hanging on the white wire above that stack. It's for when I have long hair and I need a clip . . . pretty practical ;)

6. Pens and stickers: I LOVE writing letters to people so I have a collection of different pens and stickers to add to notes that I send out.

7. My bookshelf: It's next to my desk space so that if I need to look at something for reference, I don't have to walk across the room to find it.

8. Software CDs and archive DVDs for my Mac: Because I generate so much stuff on my laptop that it bogs it down and I need to frequently "back that thang up" to clean up my Mac.

9. Cards from friends are really all over my desk: These two are valentine cards I recently got from my friend Joy. The one on the left in the red says: I LOVE YOU LIKE A CANNIBAL LOVES HUMAN FLESH. The one on the right in pink says: SOMEDAY I WANT TO ADOPT AN ASIAN BABY WITH YOU. I love my friends and their funny sense of humor :D

10. Kodak 35mm film for my Diana Mini: It's always nice to know I have extra film around for when that shutterbug in me emerges.

11. Blank note cards: pre-stamped, just waiting to be written and sent out when the urge comes to send some love to people across the miles . . . which is often :D

12. Cords Galore: iPod dock, camera cords, extra headphones, umbilical cord . . . uh . . . i mean . . . not THAT cord! ;) But all my other important cords and cables go here.

13. Sunglasses: to wear at night.

14. iPod Shuffle: charged and ready to go for the morning walk to the bus stop. Holds all of my On The Go tunes that can fit in it's 2 GB glory. I'm hoping it will have a new big brother soon> the iTouch.

15. Monkey tissues: My allergies have been acting up as of late and Cindy B. got me these cute tissues with monkeys on them. I love how fun and practical they are!

16. Bamboo figurine: I won this at an office Christmas Party in a White Elephant gift exchange. The funny thing is I think it was actually the best gift exchanged. It's really pretty and intricate.

17. Coffee Grounds: Because I need to have some reserves just in case I run out of my stash upstairs . . . which actually happens often.

18. Mouse toy that shoots candy out of its butt: Because it's funny and it gives me candy

19. Band Hero: for those times I need to take a break from working on stuff. To the left of my desk is my Movie/Games organizing tower. This awesome game is merely a part of it.

20. One Tree Hill, seasons 1-5: Because sometimes I need to take a break and watch some of my favorite episodes and just get lost again in the storylines and music. I'm currently in the process of obtaining season 6.

21. Memorabilia: Notes from friends, thank you cards, Save the Date postcards, Event Tickets. They help keep the good memories alive!

22. Easy Street Records Sticker: It's my favorite Seattle record shop. It reminds me of great music and the fun in-store performances I've been able to see. It also reminds me to check out their website to see what shows are coming up and what's selling like hot cakes in the stores. Plus, the sticker was free.

And as a bonus plus,
my computer screen also shows
you what is seemingly important to me:

Things to notice:

1. I don't like excess "things" crowding my desktop. I like to keep it clear of clutter with everything in an organized folder.

2. My computer is named MACtacular because, well, it IS! ;p

3. My desktop image changes frequently, but currently it's of a pic I took one night walking around down by the market. But it changes often between band photos, scenic photos, funny vector illustrations, quotes, and random designs.

4. My dock contains my most used apps. Those are (from left to right)

Finder, Dashboard, Firefox, iChat, iTunes, iCal, iPhoto, Address Book, Microsoft Word, OmniFocus, Celtx Screenwriting Software, Photoshop, Photo Booth, Poladroid (turns everyday photos into polaroids), Mac Journal, Accordance, MSN Messenger, Trash*

*I have a thing where I have to constantly empty my trash. I think it's one of my OCD things. I hate seeing it full of "trash."

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Kelley R. said...

I love this. Your Pike Place photo looks great as Wallpaper. Totally perfect.