Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cherry Bomb

this movie is coming out this weekend and I'm still so completely unsure of whether or not I want to see it in theaters or just wait for the DVD. I'm at an impasse.

I mean, I really really want to see it. I LOVE Joan Jett and I would love to see a movie that celebrates where she came from and how iconic The Runaways were to chick rock. I love Dakota Fanning as well. She's one of my favorite actresses, and has been ever since I AM SAM. I think she's an amazing actress who just gets better and better with each role, so I'm really excited to watch her bring Cherie Currie to life on the big screen.

. . . but then we get to the one thing that is my big deterrent. Starts with a K, ends with a Risten Stewart. "The Stew," as I like to call her . . . is by far one of my LEAST favorite actresses. Her entire personality off screen in interviews annoys me. I feel like every role she takes is the exact same role, just with a different name. I don't think she's a good actress at all. She just is not my cup of tea. I ALMOST didn't watch New Moon because of how poorly I felt she did in Twilight. I fast forward her scenes when I watch Into The Wild. I REALLY wanted to see Adventureland, but I just can't because even in the movie trailer she annoys me. Cake Eaters? Forget it. I won't even look for YouTube clips.

There are just some actors and actresses I can handle and some I just can't. She, unfortunately is one of the latter. So here I am, really really really wanting to see it, but I just don't know if I'll be able to enjoy it if I do. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so picky about movies, but I am. I'm probably going to regret NOT seeing it on the big screen. So I guess the next step is trying to convince myself that it's not really The Stew playing Joan Jett. Maybe if I just pretend it's someone more awesome . . . like Barney. :| Okay okay. That was harsh. I got a few days until it's released. I got time. We'll see how this goes.


i JUST found this and it's entirely everything I'm talking about!

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