Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do What You Want, Be Who You Are

Sometime this summer I will be getting my first tattoo . . .

I am equal parts ANXIOUS + EXCITED + SCARED OUTTA MY MIND! I've wanted a tattoo since I was a teenager, but here's a little bit of something that you probably should know about me: i am deathly afraid of needles. Like, REALLY. The last time I got a shot was 2 years ago, and I cried. No lie. I shed tears. I have an incredibly low pain tolerance . . . did I mention that I'm not 5 years old? I'm not. But I still cried. I hate pain. So naturally, you can see why I've waited to get a tattoo. I can't guarantee that when I go to get one that I'm not going to cry. In fact, I'm 99.9% sure I will. Whatever day I get it done, I'm going to request the next day off so that I have plenty of time to cry every freakin' tear in my body because my friends who have gotten tattoos already have been up-front honest with me about the pain. It helps to have friends who can help me prepare. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still a fraidy cat. Especially after seeing the movie trailer for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO:

creep me out that has to hurt like no otha'!

I'm still gonna get one though!

I really wanted to have Vanessa (my niece) draw something and then get THAT tattooed on me, but last time I saw her, I asked her to draw something and she drew a creepy stick figure with a pumpkin head . . . and it was angry. So I'm gonna go with a no on that one. However, I go home next week and I get to spend 2 and a half days with her, so I'm gonna go for a do-over. This time I'll have her draw a few things . . . and pick the least creepy one. ;)

But as I've been looking at tattoos and contemplating which one to get, I've discovered others that I've fallen in love with. If I was truly brave, I'd get them—ALL of them (or at least some variation of them):

In fact, lately I've been drawing on myself often with Sharpies when I am waiting for slow computers to load/save/print things. Here are some I've done recently.

As you can see, I kind of like the simple ones, nothing frilly and nothing really Old English or biker style. Just simple, unique, and fun like me :D

As I said, I'd like to get more, but I'm going to stick with one now, and after about 5 years when the pain goes away (jk!) I'll THINK about another. One thing I do know that I want to stick to is having meaning to what I put on my body. Which is why I'm really leaning towards this one as a back up plan. I LOVE the book The Little Prince. I re-read it often. This would be a constant reminder of the lessons I've learned from that wonderful book:

And I'll end the post with an episode of UNDER THE SKIN featuring Andrew McMahon from Jack's Mannequin, because I love his tattoos and the meanings behind them.

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