Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doggy Dogg World

I got to meet a new friend on the bus today. I didn't get his name though cause his owner was hitting on some chick next to him. But this guy, I totally captured his attention. It just made me want a dog that much more.

Some might be wondering why I want a dog . . . considering the fact that I'm allergic to them. But to be honest, I'm a LOT LESS allergic to dogs than I am to cats. Cats are the worst for me. I do hope that one day I can get a dog. My thinking is, if I have a dog that I OWN, that lives with me 24/7, it may just work in my favor that i would get used to the pup and my allergies would "learn" to tolerate the puppy wuppy doggie woggie. I have no scientific facts to back this up—but it's a hope and a dream. I want a dog. I do . . . but NOT because i want kids right now and I want a puppy to sub in. No. I just want a dog to have a dog. To say I'm a dog owner. To tell it stories and dress it up like that dog from PBS. Or not dress it up. Maybe. Who knows. I don't.

Anyway. I also think it's partly because I want something to name. You know,like when people call their pets. And they're like, "Here, Butch!" "Sit, Max!" I want a doggy to name as well. I would want to name it either Roxy or Falcore. I think it would be fun to say, "Come here Falcore! Don't bite the children, Falcore!" or "Sit on the rocks, Roxy." "Fetch me my box of Samoas, Roxy."

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