Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Are You Afraid Of

Let's just talk about this for a moment:

This is a creepy RV that has been parked along side our street for a while. Before you get to my house, you walk up the sidewalk and on each side of the sidewalk are trees. There is about a good block worth of sidewalk to get from the nearest housing to my house on Roosevelt Way, if you're walking from Northgate Way. So it's all railing and trees . . . and this single solitary RV. Now generally, RVs have fun feelings attached to them—this one, not so much. It's creepy.

I think the things that add to the creep factor for me are:
  • Every time I walk past it, I try to sneak a peek in to see if there are people living in it. I have no proof thus far that says anyone is even in there. Then again, my cowardice precedes me and my peek is weak.
  • It is there for a few days, then it leaves, then it's back a few days later.
  • I have watched WAY too many CSI episodes to feel any amount of safety walking by this thing, even in the daylight hours.
  • It's covered in a blue tarp and that makes me think creepy people live there for some reason :O
There is a chance that I'm overreacting and there are genuinely sweet people living there, just waiting for me to knock on their RV door and offer cookies as a "Welcome To The Neighborhood," but I'm just toooooo scared to find out. :(

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Heather said...

That is straight up scary! I saw that driving past yesterday it's weird. They probably live in there and change neighborhoods every few days, one way to keep the rent down ;)