Friday, March 12, 2010


Yup. That pretty much sums it up. I am a procrastinator. Admitting it is the first step right? Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

For clarity's sake, let me run you through my general Saturday schedule:

11 a.m. Wake up
11:05 a.m. Wake up again
11:06 a.m. Go back to bed
12:00 p.m. Wake up and get out of bed & brush teeth/wash face/brush hair
1:00 p.m. Make lunch
1:20 p.m. Wash cereal bowl
1:30 p.m. Change out of jammies into daywear
2:00 p.m. Run errands or go write
6:00 p.m. Return home to make dinner
6:30 p.m. Put jammies back on
7:00 p.m. Clean room/work on projects/write/hang with housemates
11:00 p.m Go to bed

Tomorrow is starting early. I'm going to spend the morning with my new housemate, Amanda. We're leaving the house at 8 a.m. Much coffee will be required. I'm gonna hang with her for a couple hours and then I'm going to go open a bank account . . . I've procrastinated in opening up a local bank account . . . it's sad. I'm going to Ikea to get stuff for the house. Then I'm coming home to write and carry on with the rest of the evening.

I'm gonna be real with you guys for a bit. I'm not a morning person. I kind of feel sorry for Amanda . . . because until I get coffee in my system, I'm a zombie. I'm totally a night owl. I've ALWAYS been a night owl. In fact, I'm going to ask my mom tomorrow if she remembers me being a night owl as a baby. I'll report back. ;p I know I'm going to have a blast hanging out in the morning (this girl is so awesome!), it's just weird to know I'll be waking up soooo early. Maybe if I convince myself that it IS later it'll work out fine ;)

I really am looking forward to having a fun day tomorrow. I just wish I wasn't such a procrastinator. If I wasn't, I'd have the bank stuff and Ikea stuff already taken care of. I think more than anything, that's what annoys me. That I haven't taken care of these seemingly easy things. Oh well. Tomorrow they WILL be done, and I'll feel relieved :D

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