Monday, March 15, 2010

I've Got Friends

Today I got a call from my old housemate Geizel while I was shopping for souvenirs for my family downtown. She asked if we could grab coffee at the Panera near the Northgate Mall, so I said yeah. I met up with her and had a nice latte and she invited me over for dinner. I figured that since we were closer to my house than hers that we should just go back to the Roosevelt House. We stopped by the QFC to pick up ribs and vegetables to eat for dinner and headed home to eat. We had a great conversation on the way to the house. We were reminiscing over the fun times we had when she lived here with us.

One of my favorite conversations went like this:

ME: That's so cool that Rosalind might come back!
Geizel: What was her son's name? Wasn't it Kingle?
ME: hahahaha! It was Kataan.
Geizel: Oh I knew it was something like that.

It was so good to just laugh and laugh and have so much fun with an amazing friend. When we got home we made dinner and it seemed like no one was home, but there were! Karli and Gina were home and joined us around the table as we all ate and laughed about good times and shared updates on what we'd been up to recently. During our discussion, Karli came up with an idea to have a memory board of sorts in our living room. So we once again grouped up and went on a short fun trip to Target to get all sorts of fun stuff for the board. We laughed a lot and caused a few scenes in Target just being silly ;p .

When we got home, we all shared chocolate dipped strawberries and just enjoyed each others' company. I loved being able to hang out with Geizel and just have another fun night with the housemates. I really love the amazing people I live with. They truly make my heart happy!

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