Monday, June 8, 2009

Beyond The Gray Sky

Moment of Honesty: Generally, when I hear the words 'Church' 'Picnic' and 'Potluck' all in the same sentence, I kinda get this icky look on my face cause I just imagine a boring shindig. 

But man, yesterday's Westside Church Birthday Potluck Picnic was so much FUN!  I had a blast taking pictures of all the fun and hanging out with my new church family! I ABSOLUTELY adore these people—they are so genuine and so sweet.  It was so fun trying new foods and meeting new people and just enjoying the company of friends. My friends, Cindy and Evan Jones were in charge of the games and they did such a GREAT job! Between relay races and Tug of War and other fun stuff, everyone participated and had a lot of laughs. I love being surrounded by this church family that really IS like a family. I truly am blessed to know these people. Here are some pictures from the festivities: 

On the way to the party... don't worry, we were parked when I took this pic of Eden 'driving.' ;) OOOH...quick funny story. So, Jesselyn, Eden and I were all waiting in Amanda S.'s car while she went to grab Hannah (the older sister) from kids church, and we had shut the doors, just waiting in the car. And Jesselyn started getting really hot and was like, "I need air, it's getting hot." So I opened the door and the car alarm starts blaring!!! and we're all like freaking out IN the car and Pastor J comes out and motions for me to turn the car off using the key and I'm like yelling from the car.. "I don't have the keys" but it's like all funny and hysterical and everyone's just looking and me and Jesselyn like, sink into our seats and we're sorry guys! It was soooooo funny! hahahahahahhaha

PS: Rachel Misselbeck is a CHAMP for doing the 3-legged race while pregnant! ;)

The Siers (our new senior pastor and his family) doing the relay races: J (gray shirt), Addie, Gwen, Debra, and Judah :D

Randy (he's on the softball team too) after bobbing for M&Ms in a pan of flour! 

Gareth Jones, Isaiah Misselbeck and Josiah Siers doing one of the relay races

Tug of War round one!  :D so fun!

5 couples from the church playing the "Oldyweds" game, having to guess each others' answers

Pastor Jeremiah (Pastor J) and his wife, Debra (i LOVE her! :D )

The Misselbecks: Rachel (lime green shirt), Matt, and Luke

Isaiah Misselbeck,  Gareth Jones, Julianna Jones, and Mahrin MacGreggor- cute kiddos!

Judah Siers playing with his new water gun 

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