Sunday, June 21, 2009

VIDEO BLOG: Daughters (Giveaway!)

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there! :D
or as I like to say, HAPPY FALKER SATHERHOOD!

In honor of this special day, here is a video blog for you to enjoy:

* so um. i just realized that i forgot to cut the music after i say "bye." So, when I say bye, it's the end...and you can just listen to John Mayer or stop the video. sorry. :D

Also, as a bonus, I have a giveaway for today! Believe it or not, I was actually named AFTER someone! I realize that Amanda is a very common name, but my parents actually DID name me after someone famous and whoever answers the following question correctly first, will win a $10 STARBUCKS gift card!



Congratulations to Mandie from Just We Moms for guessing correctly on the Giveaway question!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I was named after AMANDA BLAKE, from Gunsmoke :D


CakeYum said...

random guess - Amanda McBroom?

amo (amanda) said...

ooh. good guess, but no. not amanda mcBroom. Although, I DID sing The Rose at my dad's wedding to my 1st stepmom.

Mandie said...

Amanda González?

I <3 Cake Wrecks, too!

Mandie said...

Even better guess: Amanda Blake!

amo (amanda) said...

Oh my gosh! Mandie! YOU GOT IT RIGHT! oh man! hahahahahhaa! Even when I talked to my parents I was like, "WHO?" hahahaha! CONGRATS! The correct answer is Amanda Blake from Gunsmoke :D Way to go!! :D send me an email to with your address so i can send you your gift card! YOU'RE AMAZING!! :D