Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let It Be

Okay so I work on a computer all day long, and honestly, sometimes when I've got the system doing like a million things (million meaning 5) like... saving an InDesign document while transferring photos onto the server, while opening a word document, while scanning artwork, while deleting an article off the computer... I seriously half expect the computer to have a pop up alert that says:

Listen lady, I can only do so much at one time...KNOCK IT OFF!

Seriously. Sometimes I sit there, just waiting for it to pop up as the spinny rainbow of death spins madly on. I wouldn't blame it if my work computer just grew arms and hands and decided to give me the finger. seriously. I overwork it. :(

Patience is a virtue. But I haven't completely adopted it yet. :(

And when i'm on my lunch break, checking emails and facebook and twitter and such, I keep refreshing things cause I don't want to miss anything... and I picture again, a little pop up alert saying:

No one's updating, okay. Get over it.

Do you ever have moments like that? I mean, I know if you don't have a Mac, it'll be a slightly lamer version (because I wholeheartedly believe that Dell/Vaios/and the like are less superior) of the alert. Like a box will pop up and say:

Look, I'm a lame computer. I quit.

Just sayin' . . .


PS: Today is the LAST day to vote for my new haircut! I've already scheduled an appointment at the hairdresser's next Wednesday, so make sure you get your vote in! The poll ends tonight! So far haircut #4 is in the lead. (and yes mom, I already counted your vote for me to just get a trim...but #4 is still winning.)

So, go HERE and vote there---------->

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Brian Spessard said...

Only after voting did I realize there was a place to actually see the different styles. But I kinda liked the fact that I had no idea which one I was voting for, so I didn't even go look :) haha sounds like the ol' work computer could use a RAM upgrade eh?

in case your link to my blog needs updating, you can now go to

adios! :)