Friday, June 19, 2009

Kids of the Future

Last night I got to watch an amazing bunch of kiddos! Even Wilbur is sad cause the night is over.

I love when this group gets together cause they are like the best of friends and they really learn to work with one another very well. I think what I loved most was that
A. They enjoyed watching Charlotte's Web...the old skool one!

B. Luke, who is a toddler, LOVES watching The Muppet from back in the day... and he loves Fraggle Rock! I was singing him the song while changing his diaper and he was smiling so big!

C. I didn't send them into a sugar coma... which is huge, considering that I'm such a sucker (get it) for giving kids all their little sweet tooth desires. ;)

D. When I put Luke down for bed in his crib, he was crying and didn't want to be in there, so he reached for me and I held him and sang to him as I rocked him in my arms, and when I stopped singing, I heard something and turned to look at the door where Julianna was there, singing to Luke from the doorway too! So sweet!

E. We also got to go to the park just as the sun was going down for a few minutes, and Eliza made it all the way across the monkey bars all by herself for the first time! I was so proud of her!

Here are some pics from our fun times together. The boys were at the park almost the whole time I was there, so these are just pics of Eliza, Julianna, and Luke.

I was teaching Eliza the fine art of taking pictures of yourself. ;)

Okay, so quick story about this one. So, you press the button and the dinosaur ROARS. Luke got the biggest kick out of it cause I kept pretending that it scared me. But what was really tough was trying not to laugh at the epic fail of the placement of the button that you have to press to get the dino to ROAR. Poor dino guy. ;) Yes, I know. I'm corrupt. Also, I'm still in the the 6th grade.

Ballerina Eliza

Ballerina Julianna

Luke, rockin' the Elmo slippers

Isaiah and Gareth found a random wedding band among the rocks that had an interesting little inscription—it had a scripture reference to a verse in the book of Isaiah from the Bible. I thought it was funny and cute that Isaiah found a ring with his name on it. ;) schweet!

And now, a some special final words from Joshua:

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Brian Spessard said...

Oh man, it's been a long time since I've seen that old Charlotte's Web movie! Ah the memories!! lol