Friday, June 12, 2009


A little over an hour ago, I was standing in the movie aisle at Target, and as I was perusing the shelf, I see both THE BOURNE TRILOGY and THE X-MEN TRILOGY staring me down. So I pick them both up and check out the equally amazing bonus features for each. And I set them down because I know that I'm so impulsive, I'll buy BOTH. And right now, I need to save money for my trip to the ATX. So, I put them down and start walking 5 steps away...and then immediately walk back, pick them both up, and contemplate again. I took out my phone and tweeted this:

Seriously though—HOW DO YOU EVEN BEGIN TO DECIDE? I mean, I adore the X-Men, but on the same hand....Matt Damon handing out whoopins and still lookin like a stud...let's get real—it's a tough choice! Being a big fan of Action/Adventure movies, that's like asking me to choose between Godiva Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake...both so irresistable! So I did what anyone in my situation would do (right?): I kept walking away and walking back, constantly holding them side by side...and then putting them back on the shelf, only to walk away, and come right back to fuel the seemingly endless debate.

Here was the result of my DVD Dillema:

Even as I was walking out the door, it took a LOT of talking myself out of it to keep me from running back to the aisle and taking one, or both of them up to the checkstand. But, I had already bought SLEEPERS the other day...which is by far, one of my FAVORITE movies... next to PAN'S LABYRINTH.. both of which are some of the best written, best directed, powerful dramas of all time. So all is not at a loss... and maybe a few paychecks from now I'll walk back into Target and play this fun game all over again. ;)


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