Monday, June 1, 2009

Midsummer Moon in June

I'm in the sharing mood, so I'm going to share some new music with you that I've been listening to! I hope you enjoy some of the new sounds as much as I do. :D

But to intro this post, I feel it only EXTREMELY NECESSARY to share with you the video from last night's MTV Movie Awards of KINGS OF LEON performing one of my favorite songs, "Use Somebody." They were fantastic! I loved it!

Now onto the new music! Okay, maybe some of it's not new, but it's new to my iPod ;)

SAM BRADLEY— "Even Thought Of Leaving" (working title)

THE THERMALS— "Now We Can See"

KIM TAYLOR— "Days Like This"

CAT POWER— "Good Woman"

CAROLINA LIAR— "Show Me What I'm Looking For"

PARACHUTE— "She Is Love"

I hope you enjoy the new tunes. I'm planning to do a video blog tomorrow so stay tuned for that. AND ALSO...if you HAVEN'T voted for my new hairstyle, you can check out the options [HERE] and then vote on the poll on the right hand side of the blog ------->

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