Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't You Know You're Beautiful

So, we lost our softball game yesterday, but it was a GOOD game :D The best part of the day was AFTER the game, when Amy & Jacob, Mike, Krista, and I all went to eat dinner at Sonic Drive-In in Puyallup! It was an hour and half drive both 3 hours total. But it was SO worth it! I have missed Sonic!! :D

on the way to Puyallup

Having lived so close to Sonic when I was in Austin, it was totally weird driving 3 hours to go to Sonic. And what's more is that this place was HOPPIN'! There was a huge line of cars waiting to get in line to drive up for their order, and 4 or 5 lanes of people waiting to park in a stall. Even when we asked the lady if we could eat outside she was like, "Yeah. It will be about a 10 to 15 minute wait." It was so bizarre!

(these are the cars waiting to park in a stall)

I know it totally threw off my healthy eating habits from this week, but man. It was so yum! :D It was Mike's first time at Sonic and he was so funny! He stood at the order machine and when they asked him what his name was, he was trying to be mischievous and said "Dude" like his name was Dude, but the guy on the other end was like, "Jude?" and Mike, giving up at making the joke, was like, "Yeah. Jude." It was so funny!!

All in all, the trip was so fun and it made up for the loss at the game :D

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