Friday, June 5, 2009

Words Meet Heartbeats

Q&A with Amanda [Installment #1]

Okay, so I decided that for the whole Q & A Project I'm trying out (See This Blog Post) instead of doing one giant post and having it be so much to read, I'm going to break it down and answer a few questions at a time. I hope this will be helpful to all of you who read the blog. If not, well hey, i filled in some spots of boredom for you ;) .  First of all, I want to thank everyone who has sent in questions so far! I know it's only been a couple of days, but people have been great about posting questions in the original vid. blog as well as Direct messaging me on Twitter and sending me Facebook messages. Please continue to send them in... via blog comments, emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'll answer 5 questions at a time to save space and time. 

1.  What is your love language?
- first of all, I think it's important for people who are unfamiliar with a "love language" to know what it is, or this question makes no sense. Taken from a book by Gary Chapman (check it out), there are 5 main languages that people use to express love, and one is generally more dominant than the others depending on the individual. The 5 love languages are: 
      - Quality Time : spending time and energy with the other person exclusively
      - Receiving Gifts : gifts are used as an expression of love and devotion
      - Acts of Service : doing chores, errands, and other acts of service
      - Pysical Touch : caressing, hand holding, etc.
      - Words of Affirmation : verbal appreciation and encouragement

For me, the Love Language I 'speak' when I'm showing love is RECEIVING (GIVING) GIFTS. I love being able to give people little things here and there to make their day, whether it's a cupcake, a book, or a cup of coffee.

The Love Language that makes me feel most loved as a recipient is ACTS OF SERVICE. I view our society as a very "Me. Me. Me." society and most people are looking out for themselves. So when someone DOES something for me, without me straightening something up, or running an errand for me, or giving me rides...I feel so honored and loved, because I know that they were not obligated to do it, and were doing it out of the abundance of their heart.

2.  Where did you get that shirt? (referring to the one in the video blog)
- I got it at Target a few years ago. And I'm so glad it STILL fits quite nicely :D !

3.  Since when did you start liking cupcakes?
- Um. I dunno. I mean, I've always liked sweets...obviously.  And I've made cupcakes before, I just haven't "gone out" for cupcakes, until I discovered Cupcake Royale here in Seattle. I have to admit, at first I was pretty skeptical about "buying" cupcakes at a "cupcake shop" but i mean, these are really really good...and unique—I think.  So yeah. I couldn't give you an exact date, but I've eaten more since I've been in Seattle, and I've decided I could never live near it or my whole paycheck would be spent there.

4. What flavor were the cupcakes and why doesn't this computer screen have taste-o-vision?
- In the video, the two cupcakes were- Lemon Drop and Peppermint Patty. The Lemon Drop is a buttercake with tangy lemon frosting and a real Lemon Drop plopped on top. the Peppermint Patty is chocolate cake with mint buttercream and green sprinkles. :D yum. And I'm not quite sure why the computer screen doesn't have taste-o-vision, but when it's invented, I'm totally gonna get one! ;)

5. What do you think of Obama?
- I think he's our President. :D kidding. well, i mean, I do. To be honest, politics has never been my thing. Because no matter who gets voted in, there will always be people (and not just due to religious affiliation) who don't care for that person or their choices. But I do think he is our president and because of that I have respect for him. Truthfully, I didn't vote for him. I have my own personal reasons, as I'm sure others had theirs, when they voted for whoever they voted for and I don't think a person should be disrespected for their political choice. Every person is different and entitled to their own opinion. I don't mind having him for a President, he has some great takes on some overdue action plans for major issues. Not all of them are perfect, but some are. And I'm okay with that. I do however refuse to see Obama as a savior of any sort—which is something that a lot of people have alluded to via the internet and public settings here in Seattle. To me, a President isn't a savior. He's a leader, who has a huge weight on his shoulders. I can't put my faith and trust in a President because here's the thing—people make mistakes. People do things they think are best. But I'm not looking for that, even in the person i DID vote for, I wasn't looking for that. Truth be told, when he was voted in, a lot of people around me were like—YES, finally a BLACK President. But that didn't matter to me. A person's race is not important. The choices they make are. And I'm totally cool with Obama being President. Also, the fact that I've heard various people in conversations on the bus talk trash about some of Obama's choices and speeches thus far, helps me understand my perspective even more. And though I don't know if those conversations were religiously influenced, I know they were influenced by strong catalysts... some saying stuff about their own families and their co-workers and others, with no talk of religion. So I mean, yeah. I'm totally cool with him being President, as long as he's cool with me being me and leaving the big stuff world stuff to him to handle and me to help locally with what I can to build hope for people near me—which he seems to be.


PS: If you submitted a question you didn't see answered here, have no fear. I have them logged in my MacJournal... but since I'm doing 5 questions per post, I want to spread them out evenly. 

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How did I miss this post?! I love all your answers. I'm so excited for the next installment!!

PS, though, the word plop reminds me of cow patties. Like cow plops. Just sayin'.