Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fade Into You [VIDEO BLOG]

PS: 2 more days to vote! Refer to THIS POST and then vote using the poll on the right hand side of the blog!

PSS: In case the video wasn't clear enough, I will answer ANY questions you have, just post them here in the comments section of this post—even if you have a Blogger ID and choose to be anonymous, you can! :D No matter what the question is, I'll answer it! :D


Kelley R. said...

Psh. You totally do not look terrible. I was actually thinking I would comment and tell you how cute you look in this video. So there!

CakeYum said...

Question 1- Where did you get that shirt? It's totally cute!
Question 2- What flavor were the cupcakes and why doesn't this computer screen have taste-o-vision?
Question 3- What were spanglios again? I remember the word, just can't remember what we were doing.
Question 4- What do you think about the whole Seattle/Depression theory? False?
Question 5- What do you think of Obama? (you said you'd answer!)