Thursday, June 11, 2009

Strange World

I think all of my understanding of extreme hatred has just been completely revamped. What happened at the Holocaust Museum is sick. Seriously sick.

For those who did not get a chance to read the news report here it is:

I really just cannot believe...of all the places to shoot at someone. The Holocaust Museum.

I am Mexican-American, but I was born in Germany and ever since I was a kiddo in Elementary School, I have done research upon research on the Holocaust. It is one of the things that intrigues me the most—discovering what happened, hearing stories, and being challenged to create a culture in my life where that doesn't happen again. So when I read the report about it, my heart sank and I was near tears. I mean, have those victims not been through enough? And finally they have a place to share their voices? I've been to D.C. 3 times and every time, I make a point to visit the Holocaust Museum and in the Great Hall of Rememberance at the end, I get so choked up as I offer up prayers for people who have family members who have ever had to go through that. I especially take extra time to pray for those who have had family members endure life at the Dachau and Flossenb├╝rg concentration camps, which are the closest to where I was born, in Nuremberg.

Our nation is seriously messed up. I mean, this isn't a new development, but SERIOUSLY? That's like epic wrong and I can't help but feel pain and sorrow for everyone involved. For the victims, and for the gunman, who is seriously lacking in compassion, understanding, and all common sense.


It actually reminds me of a quote from ONE TREE HILL where the main character, Lucas Scott says:

Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatred, how did it find us? Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it? What happened to us that we now send our children into the world like we send young men to war, hoping for their safe return, but knowing that some would be lost along the way. When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows. Swallowed whole by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?

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