Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can't Get Enough Of Your Love

Post #4: The evening of the Big Day

After the wedding, me, Joshua, Simo, and Devin Vitone all met up with some of our other Colorado friends:

Brian & Hannah Brooks
Sean & Heidi Mitchell
and Brent McNeely

We all met up for pizza at Il Vicino and then had ice cream at Josh & John's Naturally Homemade Ice Cream Shop!  We had GREAT conversations and got to catch up with everyone!  I wish I had taken more pics, but we were too deep in laughter and conversation.  :D

One cool thing is that at the ice cream shop, they had a giant black board and chalk out where you can doodle or write or whatever and "leave your mark"... and I totally did.  Check out my AMO signature on the board!  :D

1 comment:

Kelley R. said...

I wish you had pics of everybody.

But I guess I wasn't snapping shots of anyone when we hung out in Austin back in January - better to actually spend the time with the people.

Makes me miss home to hear about you seeing everybody.