Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'll Tell You What I Know

Okay so tonight I was with some friends and an older woman made a comment about the summer and wanting to be able to wear thongs and shorter shorts and such.  Now when I first heard the comment, I nearly spit out my water from laughing.  Because she totally was talking about flip flops.. but that's not what we call flip-flops nowadays.  

And that got me to thinking of some of the other words that the older generation of people say and it leaves me in that "Princess Bride" moment where I'm saying over and over in my head:

I don't think it means what you think it means.

Here is a short list of some of the words I am referring to:

THONGS: they don't mean flip flops or sandals anymore... they're actually the proper name for a type of chick knickers

HOOK UP: most people will use it like so:  "Well, I'm gonna go to this movie so maybe we can hook up afterwards." In the past, Hook Up may have been used as a variant of "Catch Up" but nowadays, it means to make out like mad crazy and eventually do the dirty deed.

MILKSHAKE: it's not an innocent little ice cream treat anymore.  It's currently commonly used as a reference to a woman's jiggle.  crazy, i know.

PEEPS: yeah, it's not the little Easter marshmallow treats.  It now means friends or "people."

SHORTY: so people used to use this to describe someone's height, ie: "He's a real shorty." or "Hey Shorty!" but nowadays, if you call someone Shorty, it's most likely cause you're dating them.

Again, these are just some of the updated slanguage terms.  If you are part of the older generation, I do recommend- both seriously and as a joke, getting these Slang Flashcards.  But uh, do us a favor, and don't go overboard, k?  ;)

PS: If i'm 50 and still posting on this blog site... please remind me about updating my slanguage. ;)


Kelley R. said...
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Kelley R. said...

Hm, I always considered the sex connection with "hook-up" to be kind of on the way out. (Multiple poor choices of language, there by the way. All sick puns and LOLs were almost completely unintentional.) As in it's sort of mid 90's through early 2000's to use it that way but it is developing more casual applications now/recently.


That's slang for you I guess.