Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life Keeps Passing Me By

Just a quick post about my week in review :D

Every morning I take the bus to work and I love it because I'm absolutely in LOVE with the water and the way the mountains are off in the distance. So every morning I get to see both the Cascades and Olympic Mountains along with Lake Union and the Waterfront! :D Here's some photos from the ride to work:

Usually because of the way the bus system works, I get to downtown Seattle pretty early in the morning so I go to Borders Bookstore (which...I don't really like...I much prefer Barnes and Noble, but B&N is not as close to my bus stop as Borders). This past Thursday, I found this GIANT Corduroy book:

I work at a publishing company and we use a lot of local art for the publications. I take 'doodle breaks' here and there to draw up some new stuff to include in the publications. Here is one of my doodles that made one of the Journals:

This past week, one of my house mates bought me a giant cupcake! She said it reminded her of me because when I first moved here I used to always bake cupcakes for everyone in the house to enjoy. :D I love my sweet house mates!

And since I work in Lower Queen Anne, I'm real close to Seattle Center where the Space Needle is...and I LOVE the Space Needle! :D I've been 3 times and would be content to go every weekend. I love seeing the city from above! Here's some shots of the Space Needle I took this past week:

And Friday when I was heading home from work, I was walking to the bus stop and the Ballet, which is at Seattle Center, where the Space Needle is, was all lit up pretty!

Well, that's been my week in review, of sorts. :D Sorry for the lame quality photos... I'll be getting a new digital camera soon!
That's all for now!

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Kelley R. said...


I love your updates about living in Seattle.

It's so cool to actually see what you're doing and what the city is like.

(And yay for getting a new camera. Baller pictures will be forthcoming I think.)