Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Build Then We Break

Okay so today I got to do a publications build at work, putting together Teacher Packets. It reminded me of the Microsoft Conferences I did with MCA where we did "Bag Builds" for all the conference attendees. A Bag Build is a thing we do for Event Force where they have these extremely long tables set out and all laid out are the individual contents of the final product (Conference Bags) and you go around the table taking one of each, collating the items and then stuffing them in the bags. Then someone zips up all the bags, and someone else counts them all. So it was like that, except on a smaller scale. But all I could think of was the Event Force Bag Builds. So I set everything up and took some photos so you could see. 

Well, i didn't set up all these materials, but the picture of the table with the separate stacks is what I did set up.  Don't mean to false advertise. ;)

Also in this post, I went a little crazy with POLADROID...which...if you have a MAC, I definitely recommend you go download it! It's such a freshtacular app!

Here's my Poladroid madness:


Kelley R. said...

Bag build.


I hate bag builds.

But I love your new polas. Tres classy. :D

amo said...

i wish braid lady wouldn't have made that bag build 90x crappier for you :( i also wish you had been her to do the publications build with me today...mainly for your company...partially cause i know we'd make it fun! :D

amo said...

and by "her" i meant "HERE"

Kelley R. said...


We Build Then We Break.

I [finally] get it.

That's funny.