Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Of Mountains And Seascapes [UPDATED]

Okay, so with this post I am going to singlehandedly embarrass myself all while breaking my number one rule of social networking. Look, I know we all have a little artist in us and that rocks. seriously. But I've always had this thing about people always using their blogs or facebook notes to promote their stuff. Mainly because to me, that art, until fully produced is just so personal. So yes, I am THAT loser who's ridiculously and dangerously opinionated as far as art goes. And yes, I am THAT hypocrite that is totally gonna go against what my inner voice has been yelling at me for the past 4 weeks saying "don't post any of your work online. No matter how bad you want to." So yes, here it is, one of the songs I wrote recently. I know I know, I'm setting myself up for embarrassment and harassment...but please...be gentle. As a bonus, I'm also going to record the song tonight (sans music...since i haven't picked up a guitar in over 8 years and well...i don't have one at home...) and post it here for you all to: 
[circle one] enjoy / critique / laugh at / harass me / relate to your own life.

So this song is called OF MOUNTAINS AND SEASCAPES and it's all about my inner emotions. Where I really want some huge obstacles and struggles [the mountains] to be a large part of my life but at the same time, I want to be able to enjoy the moments where it's easy and there's just smooth sailing [the seascapes] and not create internal drama in my own mind. You know, like make a mountain out of the mole hill. And sometimes even the stillness and ease can be the challenge I need to overcome in a moment. But I want both. I do. I want to feel victory and defeat and solace and turmoil. I feel like a good balance of both makes me feel complete. Not more of one than the other, just a good mix. So here are the lyrics and the audio clip will come later (much later) this evening. So maybe check back tomorrow to hear it.


Water crash. Water flow.
Water please I want to know.
I'm grabbing and drowning.
I have to keep swimming.

I'm not asking for much
Just everything
Do you understand the beat
The beat of my heart
Cause I'm always dreaming
Of mountains and Seascapes

Battle.  Up hill.
Pushing.  Pulling. Oh what a thrill.
Rock crags.  Breaking my back.
Simple enough just to drag.

I'm not asking for much
Just everything
Do you understand the beat
The beat of my heart
Cause I'm always thinking 
Of mountains and seascapes

Never been the one to quit
I'm sure I can handle it
Give me a hand.  Give me a heart.
I  will be the champion.
Conquering the road I'm on.
Giving my hand. And giving my heart.

I'm not asking for much
Just everything
Do you understand the beat
The beat of my heart
Cause I'm always receiving those
mountains and seascapes

as promised, here is the audio clip of the song.  but before you listen, i must throw this in:

1. I'm not a singer.
2. I am being super brave by doing this
3. I hope it means something to you as well
4. I know it sounds choppy, but the tune is in my head, and in my head, there's an awesome guitar playing it correctly in my head.
5. I hope you actually kinda maybe sorta like it. ;)
6. If you don't, please be gentle. :(
7. I love lamp.

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Kelley R. said...

You're so brave!! I can't wait to hear the song :D

P.S. Go check your email.