Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You

(new T-shirt worn by Apple Store Genius Bar workers)

I just got back from University Village and dropped off my baby... my sweet, sweet, beautiful baby... you know, I really SHOULD think of a name for my laptop. eh. nah. Nothing I name it would do it justice. It is a mighty mighty machine and it has captivated my heart. So help me, if something goes wrong while she's under the knife, I don't know how I will live.

She makes me smile.
She makes my heart jump for joy.
She makes me feel deep love.
She brightens my day.
She brings me delight.
She is a Mac. She is a machine. She is amazing.

Yes. I know. I DID just write a short ode to my laptop. I've got it bad. I think Gavin DeGraw was thinking of my laptop when he wrote "I'm in love with a girl..." ;)

Welp, she's in good hands now. I will sit waiting patiently by the phone, for Justin, the guy from the Genius Bar to call me and tell me that she's all better and can now burn CDs and DVDs once again. I mean, I already owe Justin a great big hug for fixing my laptop so she closes now. If I was that type of person to just do that sort of thing, I might jump into Justin's arms and kiss him uncontrollably for bringing my laptop back to life. But I'm not. So I won't. But it would be funny. He'd probably call security.

I wouldn't blame him.

Until my baby comes back to me... I will resort to less personal computers. *sigh*

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