Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I had so much fun today!!! So every so often, the office staff all go to a Rec Center in Queen Anne after lunch and play basketball. So I came ready today to play. I didn't know what to expect, but I must say that today I had the BEST time ever playing basketball. I don't normally play...for so many reasons...

1. I'm kinda clumsy.
No, really. Like, I might trip over my own self. Or hit someone in the face with my attempts to make a basket.

2. I'm not really into sports.
For instance, one time I was playing flag football and I totally threw the ball to the wrong end zone. Cause I don't really understand the gist of football... or most any other sports for that matter.

3. The people I would normally play sports with are super competitive and make me feel like a schmuck for sucking at sports.
Even getting me to consider playing sports... is a big deal. And the times that I have, no one will pass me the ball/frisbee/football/hackysack...etc. because I'm not going to score any points with my lack of skill. I get a lot of eye rolls and a lot of sighs and a lot of being rejected. Sad, but true.

4. I'm not competitive.
When I play sports...it's for fun. That's it. I don't care if the other team makes a basket or a goal, I'm gonna clap. Cause you know what... that takes skill and talent... and I appreciate that. I'm not gonna get upset cause I didn't win... I just don't care enough.

But today, playing with the people at work, I felt completely comfortable, and completely valued. They never made fun of me, never rolled their eyes, and we didn't keep score. We just had fun. We got exercise and cheered each other on and just laughed a lot. I even shot the ball at the wrong basket... I missed, by the way... and no one got upset, and they even continued to throw me the ball afterwards. I felt like there were finally people who would be willing to put themselves on my level and be real teammates. At the end, they were all encouraging me and giving me high fives and just hugging me and making me feel like part of the family. It was so great! And, it was during office hours, so we got paid to play basketball! :D I LOVE MY JOB! And I LOVE the people I work with!

After we got done playing, Tim, one of the head honchos at my office, said: NOW you're officially hired! :D

In other news, I completed my first ever quarterly journal publication for my job and it felt so great!! My boss encouraged me and was so proud of me! Today was a GREAT day!!

Enjoy some photos:

warming up (l to r: Diane, Sooja, Ellie, Jesse)

practice shots (l to r: Jesse, Valerie, Ellie, Tim)

I believe I can fly...

catching the pass!

taking a practice shot

having so much fun! (l to r: Jayne, Jesse, Lisa, Valerie, Sooja, Ellie, Diane)

DEFENSE!! DEFENSE!! DEFENSE!! (l to r: Lisa, Jesse, Diane, Sooja, Katie)

We're such a fun team! (l to r: Yuko, Ellie, Tim, Katie, Sooja, Jesse, Valerie)

all tuckered out from playing a good game!


leahclaire said...

OMG, yay! I'm so glad you played with them! I'm not competitive, either, and I suck at group sports, but yeah, those games were SO much fun. I'm glad you took pictures!!

amo said...

it was seriously so much fun! ps: a HUGE thank you to you for training me so well! I felt so glad to be done with my first Present Time!

PPS: I miss you!!!

Kelley R. said...

I'm so glad you had fun! :D

And I love your pictures. Looks like funfun.

I feel the same way about soccer, by the way. I love to play it, but I'm not very good, and when I feel nervous or uneasy I play even worse. I totally know that feeling of playing with people who are chronically pissed that you're not a team-sports-all-star. It sucks. But getting to play in a stress-free environment is so much fun. Wish it was always that way. ;)