Wednesday, March 25, 2009


new pics from Grace's wedding... courtesy of Bianca Cruz, one of the other amazing bridesmaids!


me and my groomsman- Robert 

the vows

the bridesmaids: Rachel Brown (MOH), Patience, me, Rachel Blonde, and Bianca 

being walked down the aisle by her daddy!

Robert and I gracing everyone with our presence... ;)

trying really hard not to fall down the stairs 

grace's mom! woot!

Okay, so Andrew Simo (the guy in the green shirt) was standing off to the side during the whole wedding and was wearing some super awesome shades...and he TOTALLY looked like a CIA agent or like secret service guy...all he needed was the earpiece! it was awesome!

the wedding site: Perry Park Country Club in Larkspur, CO

the blushing bride

the gangsta' bridesmaids!  A big thanks to Patience for making our hoodies!!  Love it!

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