Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Auntie & Grandma

So I was finally able to go through all my recent emails and I came across this awesome gem of an email! My Aunt Olga (my mom's side of the family) sent me an audio clip that I just HAVE to share with you all!!

Okay, so my cousin, J.J. is a Morning Show DJ for 107 FYX (a radio station in Texarkana, Arkansas). The show is called HEATHER AND J Show on 107 FYX. They are doing a Fantasy Idol spot, where they try to guess who will be the next American Idol. My cousin, JJ decided to use a lifeline and call my grandma, who we call MAMO.

Here is my cousin:

and a link to their show myspace: HEATHER AND J SHOW

And here is the audio clip from when they called MAMO on the radio show!

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