Saturday, April 4, 2009

For the Love of the Game

So for those who don't know, I recently agreed to join the Westside Church Softball Team. We play in a small league and have games every Saturday. We had our first practice today and I was so surprised that I actually did pretty okay.

The last time I really played baseball/softball was in the 4th grade... and I was seriously so afraid of the ball. I had seen my brother get hit in the eye by a baseball so bad he had to go in and get stitches. So after that, I knew that anytime I played and the ball came at me, it was coming with a vengeance and I should do my best to protect myself from getting hit. So I did. And I missed every ball that ever came to me. And I only got one hit the entire season—and it was because it was the last inning of a double-header and the pitcher was tired. :( I played in Right Field, and I was a great benchwarmer! ;) I was not good whatsoever. And every time I lost a game, I cried... big time. I was the biggest 4th grade wuss EVER. If I struck out (this happened a lot), I would cry. It was pretty hard for my mom to enjoy the game cause she was always trying to console me after NOT even trying to hit the ball that was speeding towards the red dot on my forehead.

This was truly my theme song when I played baseball as a kid:

So I was really excited/surprised/proud of myself today when I actually played pretty good! I actually got some base hits and I caught about 80% of the balls that came at me...even the pop flies! (my family is currently astounded after reading that)

I'm getting cleats this weekend and I'm so stoked... our first real game is in 3 weeks!! I'll try to get someone to take pics for me to post! I'm so happy to be on a fun team with some amazing people who love to have fun!!

Here's some pictures from today's practice:

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Kelley R. said...

Wait. Where's Edward? And why are y'all playing in nice weather?

Ugh I'm so confused...