Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cookie Jar

hey hey hey!

Okay, so today was our first softball scrimmage!  I didn't get any pics (sad, i know) but I will for sure when we play our FIRST game next Saturday! wheee!!

No MAJOR injuries today, though I DID slightly pull the muscles in my quads... but a warm bath and Icy Hot make things much better!  I'm having so much fun playing ball again and I LOVE my team!  They're so fun!  

One cool thing though, is that I got to go yesterday to the "GREEN" Starbucks on First and Pike and it was amazing!  I tried a Cafe Misto and loved it! yum to the o!   

Then I got to go see OBSESSED with Sheree.  It was cool!  It's one of those movies I really appreciate because I'm hoping that somewhere, some crazy overtly obsessed chick is gonna watch it and realize that when you obsess over someone that you know that doesn't love you back... you need to walk away.  There are, in fact, other fish in the sea.  

Kinda reminds me of Shutter in a way... which is another movie I love.  At the end, when the chick is sitting on his shoulders, it's all I could do to be like... Listen lady.  LET GO.  Move on!  It's not worth it spending your life chasing after someone who's not gonna love YOU in all your fantastic unique glory.    

So yeah, good weekend all around.  Got a LOT of screenwriting done and I'm loving the way the stories are progressing!  Feels so good to be organized and free flowing with the creativity!  :D

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