Friday, April 24, 2009

Leave A Note

Not a lot to say today... except I downloaded some new filters for my Photo Booth and I LOVE it!  I'm also getting to design some logos and stuff for work, so I feel like I'm back in my element!  :D  
Did I mention that I LOVE my job?  cause it's AMAZING!

From my photo booth to you, enjoy some of my favorites:

PS: there's a softball scrimmage tomorrow!  I'll let you know how it goes!  My leg is feeling back to it's old self...let's hope I can walk home in one piece tomorrow!  :D


Kelley R. said...

Wow I never knew you could download filters for Photo Booth.

That's really cool.

I love the split-image old school TV one.

Good luck at your game!!

Gabby said...

Cool!! I like the old school TV one too! I could see myself having hours of fun with those!