Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walking on Sunshine [VIDEO BLOG]

outdoor rock wall at the park

a mosaic mermaid tale in the children's community garden

puppies getting water at the off-leash dog park

enjoying the walk

listening to the waves crash and working on screenplay outlines :D

mountains and water :D

random shot of water marker thingees... ;)

there's even public art at the park!

looking out across the water from Kite Hill

caught a bit of the Ultimate Frisbee tournament going on

this little kid was running around and then yelled at his mom: "I'M GONNA GO PISS OFF A DUCK MOM." and she was like, "OKAY. HAVE FUN." 

The "beach" at Magnuson Park

For some reason, this chair, which was randomly in the middle of the off-leash dog park just caught my attention and I had to snap a shot 

The community garden: people in the community have little plots where they come and grow things in this massive community garden.  I LOVE IT!

people tending their garden


Bianca Crystal said...

it all looks so lovely...i want to be there!

amo said...

dude, seriously... we need to work in a trip up here for you... if not this year, for sure next year!