Thursday, April 9, 2009

You've Got Growing Up To Do

So, one of my co-workers, Jayne, asked me to water her plants. She's growing Basil and Tomatos and is out of town for the weekend... so I offered to water them. But as she was giving me instructions, I couldn't help but feel that these plants needed to have names. no rhyme or reason to that thought process...they just did. So I gave them names. Please, meet the plants! :D

Left to Right, Back to Front: Annalise, Celeste, Nick/ Donna, Veronica, Danny/ Xander, Ella, Arianne

Left to Right, Back to Front: Rosalie, Trent, Al/ Baxter, Gabe, Savannah/ Edinho (Eugenio), Maly, Tammy/Lucy, Emmylou, Grant/ Liesel, Cassidy, Maggie

Left to Right, Back to Front: Phillip, Karina/ Roxy, Juliette/ Carter, Lottie/ Spencer, Mason

Left to Right, Back to Front:Kimmy, Evie/ Meg, Louis/ Dexter, Hank

I hope they grow and grow and grow into amazing fruits and herbs! :D


Kelley R. said...

Speaking of fruity things...


I love that you named those plants.

It makes me happy.

They're very cute plants, by the way.

Bianca Crystal said...

Love it! Nice to meet you, plants!

Tracy said...

That's odd. One of the people I know just gave birth to a girl named Annalise a couple days ago!