Monday, April 6, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

Time for a quick blog while I have my morning coffee :D

As I delve more and more into screenwriting, I am discovering that even though I happen to be a funny girl, there are still so many doubts as to how to write that into an actual script. Because I can think of the perfect retort to something in the script, but then you have to think, "Would he really come back with something that quickly in that situation? Or would it take him a moment to get his brain in gear to just whip right back like that."

I think that the two genres that scare me the most as a novice screenwriter is HORROR and COMEDY. Which is funny because some of my favorite movies fall into those categories... but the thought of writing one of my own- freaks me out! Because like I said, I consider myself funny, and I DEFINITELY have funny experiences to glean from, but when you're talking a larger audience that you have to "win over" with your story and jokes or scary imagery and such...there's a TON of pressure. Take for instance a movie you've gone to and you're like, "man, they're just trying way too hard to be funny." That's what I fear the most. That I'm gonna write something that only I get.

Learning screenwriting and what it takes to really make the audience fall in love with your script on screen, I've really come to appreciate the antics that go on at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. I never really used to watch the show, but lately I've been like... constantly waiting for Hulu to upload new episodes and trying to remind myself to watch on Saturday nights (this rarely happens, sadly). But man, these writers...are phenomenal. Granted, not all of them are funny all the time, but man, they still do a GREAT job. I've read a lot of comments from people who are like, "SNL is just not funny anymore..." and I'm like...WHAT ROCK ARE YOU LIVING UNDER? The competition is MadTV and ... well... just MadTV... and let's get real, SNL dominates! It's such a fun unique show...and there's hardly any really quality comedy coming on TV that's not in a movie. So, SNL writers, I salute you! (not sure they'll get the message, but what the hey)

And in honor of that, here are some of my recent favorites! Enjoy!

PS: This morning I was getting on the bus and totally slipped on the step and face planted into the doorway. It was classic! I laughed so hard. I am "THAT GIRL." hahahahahaha!


Kelley R. said...

OMG, I so love that you have the Sarah Palin skit on here.

That was a moment of SNL greatness.

Bianca Crystal said...

i believe in your screen writing!