Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plenty of Paper

So I'm sitting here at Caffe Ladro, working on the screenplays and I'm so refreshed because last night, I finally got all my screenplay binders organized and ready to add more content to.  I also put together THE STORYBOOK ANTHOLOGY which is like, my basic binder I carry with me that holds the "skeleton" and "reference materials" for each screenplay all compiled in one handy dandy carry around binder for those moments when things just come to mind and I need a place to jot things down.  Or if I have downtime, I can just open up The Storybook Anthology and get some things written down.  Here is a brief intro into the binders I've worked so meticulously to put together.  

These are the individual binders, which have the various stages of each piece of formatting documentation and will also hold notes and ideas and be the main bulk of the content for each spec script.  They will also eventually hold the latest drafts of each spec script.

Each individual binder contains a CAST LIST, which is a visual of what I think each character should look like, along with a basic description of who they are; A 3 ACT CHART to help keep the sections somewhat structured; A PLOT/SUBPLOT CHART to help keep those organized and clarified; A MULTI-PLOTTING GRID for the ones that need it; A BEAT SHEET to help keep things streamlined; A CHARACTER MOTIVATION GRID that lists each "type" of character and their inner/outer motivations and goals; A CHARACTER MOTIVATION FLOWCHART for each main character that again just keeps things on track; A CAUSE AND EFFECT CHART to keep the structure solid. There is also extra pages for notes and doodles and such.


It contains tabbed sections for each spec script's basic data, along with a tab for BACKBURNER ideas and a tab for the Story Log, which is just a thin notebook that I use to jot down ideas along the way.  And the binder itself is a full-flip binder so it folds out like a spiral notebook to conserve space for when I'm at a small coffee shop right now. ;)

And each binder has it's own place.  The individual binders have a sleeve in my hanging storage "shelf" next to the screenplay boards in my room... that way they are right there when I need them.  They are organized by focus importance from bottom to top.  

I know this may all seem silly, but it's definitely a big part of my life right now and I'm so super stoked to be organized!  :D


Bianca Crystal said...

very organized. i like. just gave me an idea for something for work. thanks! ;)

Gabby said...

Wow, you are really organized! One of my good friends is a screenwriter, I know how much work goes into it.