Saturday, April 18, 2009

Walking Down The Hill

Well today was a pretty packed out day... and it was so much fun!

Now, I USUALLY never wake up early on a Saturday morning... it's rare.  And on the rare occasion that I don't, I put myself back to sleep.  And it usually works.  Not so this morning.  I woke up at 6 a.m., no alarm waking me up... just awake.  

Brushed the teeth, washed the face, put on the coffee, and started cleaning my room.

Then I go upstairs to pour some coffee... and when I get back to my room I see that I've missed a call.  It's Jessica V.  and she's inviting me to go with J. and K. to go have breakfast with them and go watch 17 Again.  She also offers to take me to softball practice, since her and Joseph are also on the team and then afterwards to have pizza and watch Marley and Me with them.  I couldn't resist!  I love these people and LOVE spending time with them!  So I'm in!

The movie was funny, breakfast was great.. and then we're off to softball practice.

I was really excited because I JUST bought a new pair of cleats on sale for 20 bones.  But I realize once I put them on, they move a bit differently than regular shoes.  So we get to the baseball field and there's this big hill you have to walk down to get to the diamond.  And as uneasy as I feel in these new shoes, I lean over to J. and say, "Okay dude.  If I totally eat it walking down this hill, I give you permission to laugh."  And I carefully make my way down the steep hill.  I've just about cleared it and I'm so excited so in my mind I'm like, "HECK YES! I CLEARED IT! I CONQUERED THE HILL IN CLEATS!" and then as I'm about to the bottom... I totally eat it!  Down the hill I go... startled and freaked out... and I land on my back... in pain.

So I'm laying there, and they are trying to help me up, all the while asking me if I did it on purpose and I'm like, "No. No way. That was pure accident."  And I don't know what's worse... predicting my fall or trying to convince people that it was completely accidental.  In any case, I was laying there and I was like "Save yourselves. Leave me. I've lived a good life."  I always try to add a little bit of humor to ridiculously embarrassing situations.  ;)

Thank the Lord I didn't hurt my ankle, but I hurt the area above it and have a nice raised bruise.  But my leg still hurts from the fall, so I can feel my whole foot throbbing and i feel the bruise get bigger and bigger.  I was able to practice, but I didn't really run as fast as I would have liked to.  Oh well.  So then after practice we get to the video store and I realize just how painful it all really was and now I'm limping cause I can feel the pressure in my whole foot.  I got to ice it down and elevate it while we watched the movie, so now it feels so much better.  

My other injury today came from warming up at the softball field.  Me and Jessica were throwing the ball to each other and I didn't catch it right.  And by 'didn't catch it right' I mean "My mouth caught it."  Totally.  So now I have a puffy upper lip and a slight limp.  But at least the practice was fun and I really did have SO MUCH FUN hanging out with my friends! 

PS: 10 more weeks till I go back to Austin for a visit! :D

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Joy.Mac said...

lol. that sucks so bad!