Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm at least a little bit mexican. hahahahahaha! Even though I'm probably the most "white" mexican you'll ever know. But here's what I love about my family... we are like, the epitome of "that mexican family."

Every Easter, we have a family reunion. Sadly, I haven't been able to go for the past few years due to scheduling conflicts and the fact that, well... I live in Seattle now.

But as part of this reunion, everyone gets together at the park with all the other "branches" of our family. Like my grandma's cousins and their families... and their family's families...and so on... and so on... and ... well you get the point. We EVEN have Family Reunion shirts made up to help distinguish our family from the rest (ha!).Here are some pics from said reunion that might help you understand what a giant undertaking Easter is for our family:

This one is a bonus. It's from the day before. They go to the bar and sing Karaoke! And you better believe it's a sight to see! I heard that this year my cousin JJ called up my mom and all my aunts to help be his backup dancers...and he busted out with I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE! Hilarious! I also have the vid. Hopefully I'll be able to post it later.

all the grandkids and their children... minus myself, my brother, my sister, her boyfriend, and their 2 kids

This is the whole family minus myself, my brother, my sister, her boyfriend and their 2 kids


Bianca Crystal said...

scopin' out the hotties in the pics...not finding any...you gotta give me something better to work with. ha!

amo said...

hahahahahah... well maybe if I was there... jk

actually, if my brother was there... everyone seems to think he's so "HOT" and I'm like, "Ughh. Vomit." hahahahahhahahahahahahaha :D