Wednesday, April 1, 2009

These Friends Of Mine

Tonight was so fun!  Me and my small group had a game night and it was so fun!!  We played APPLES TO APPLES:

But the funny part is that Jessica had this one card that said THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT and it was like, this ridiculously odd card out that did not fit ANY of the words that were coming up. So we kept joking about how ridiculous the card was and it was just making us laugh so hard...cause it was a completely worthless card. So then it was my turn as we were finishing up the game and my word was OUTRAGEOUS and everyone handed in really great cards, and Jess threw in THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT and it was seriously so funny (in one of those 'guess you had to be there moments') that I chose it as a winner.

but wait, it gets better...

so then after discarding the other cards, I secretly hang on to that specific card and re-play it when Joseph called out a word where it totally made NO sense whatsoever to use that card.

and when he called it out, me and Jessica busted out laughing! And then she was like, girl, why did you play that on his card? You should play it on mine and I'll automatically pick yours as the winner! So after he put the discard pile cards down, I snuck that same San Andreas Fault card AGAIN... and then, Jessica was like, "Hey Amanda, you should pick a card for me..."

So i picked the card PERFECT, which was hilarious cause I knew I was gonna win it! So we went through the motions and I'm pretty sure everyone was annoyed, cause she totally picked mine over all the other actually factually good ones... but I won the card! hahahahhahahahaha!

We were seriously laughing so hard! And since the jist of it is that whatever cards you get, somehow describe you, I was glad I picked perfect...cause my other two sucked...and totally DIDN'T describe me! not that perfect does either...but overall... the night was PERFECT!!

so sneaky

jessica and her husband joseph tied for first

i love my small group!

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Tracy said...

I own that game! I LOVE the combinations you come up with your words. One time, someone thought he had the perfect card for uhm, I believe the verb was depressing or something similar. He put down Romeo and Juliet, but I outdid him by putting down "The end of the universe". He was complaining about that pairing for at least a few games afterwards! :)